Looking for a beautiful and friendly neighborhood in Tallahassee FL? Look no further than Summerbrook! This family-oriented community offers plenty of amenities to keep you busy, including a pool, tennis courts, and a playground. You’ll love the feeling of being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still being close enough to enjoy all that Tallahassee has to offer. Come see why Summerbrook is the perfect place to call home!

Summerbrook: A Neighborhood in Tallahassee, Florida

The Summerbrook neighborhood in Tallahassee, Florida is a quiet and peaceful community known for its friendly atmosphere and fun-filled amenities. This thriving neighborhood is close to shopping centers, schools, parks, major highways, and other desirable attractions that make it a desirable place to live. It features plenty of spacious single-family homes as well as townhomes and condos to suit every lifestyle. Residents of this vibrant community share an active lifestyle with various events like parades and concerts that include block parties for kids and adults alike. Additionally, Summerbrook has plenty of park areas where its residents can enjoy the great outdoors with activities such as biking and picnic areas found scattered throughout the area. There’s something for everyone in this special place – providing a unique blend of small town charm and big city appeal.

Where is Summerbrook? How do you get there?

Summerbrook is a charming and classic neighborhood located in the northeast corner of Tallahassee along Meridian Road. At its entrance, you’ll be welcomed by majestic oaks and large magnolias that line the street, providing a peaceful atmosphere to slow down and enjoy life. To get there, head north on Thomasville Road and make a left onto Bannerman Road. Keep going straight until you reach Preservation Rd on the left to enter Summerbrook from the north side. You can also take Meridian Road north past Ox Bottom road. When you get to Summerbrooke Dr, turn right. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon stroll or evening jog, Summerbrook provides many opportunities to explore nature in peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

History and facts about the Summerbrook

The Summerbrook neighborhood in Tallahassee is an established and welcoming community that has deep roots in the city’s history. After its conception in 1981, the Summerbrook neighborhood evolved into one of the most popular residential areas in Tallahassee due to its close proximity to schools, restaurants and shopping centers. In response to increasing demand for housing within this desirable region, local developers dedicated their efforts to providing high-end homes with amenities such as spacious yards, gated entries and well-manicured landscaping. As a result of its lush beauty, excellent maintenance and wonderful diversity of resources, Summerbrook continues to thrive as one of the most sought-after locations for urban suburban living.

Homes in the Summerbrook area of Tallahassee

The Summerbrook area of Tallahassee is known for its beautiful homes, many of which have been standing since the 1950s. The neighborhood is filled with picturesque single-family and multi-family homes, as well as a few traditional townhomes. The architecture in the area draws from various design styles, from Southern Colonial to Mediterranean Revival, making it an eclectic mix that stands out from other parts of town. What’s even more attractive about these homes is their location — just steps away from Bannerman Rd and Meridian Rd and the wonderful parks along it, homeowners enjoy beautiful views and easy access to nearby trails and picnic spots. For anyone seeking to move to the capital city of Florida, the Summerbrook area offers a charming slice of yesteryear with modern amenities and plenty of opportunities for making lasting memories.

Summerbrook Golf Course

The golf course in the Summerbrook neighborhood of Tallahassee is not only a great place to hone your skills, but it also provides a beautiful backdrop for some leisurely afternoons. With lush greenery and well-kept landscaping, it offers a tranquil atmosphere to take in the sights or get away from everyday stressors. Not to mention, the 18-hole layout is designed with challenging greens and tricky hazards while still remaining approachable enough that newcomers to the sport can pick up its complexities as they play. The clubhouse also has plenty of amenities, such as meeting rooms and spacious banquet halls, making it an ideal spot for social events. All in all, the golf course of Summerbrook is an excellent place for residents of all ages!


Summerbrook is a hidden gem in Tallahassee, Florida. The community is tucked away near some of the best shopping and dining in town, yet it’s still close to all the great outdoor activities that make Tallahassee special. Homes in Summerbrook are unique and full of character, and there are plenty of amenities for residents to enjoy. If you’re looking for a place to call home or just wanting to explore a new neighborhood, be sure to check out Summerbrook!

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